Our Success is Your Success

Growing a community takes community effort. Our boosters and promoters share in the value created by their efforts. With other platforms, you are making the owners and investors wealthy, while with Goji everyone gets to enjoy a fair share of the revenue!

By aligning your values with your contribution to Goji, you are helping to build a safe and censorship free space for holistic health practitioners and seekers.

Our Goji Health Ambassador Program provides you with a share of the revenue for every friend and follower that you refer who joins as a paid member. (Pro or ProPlus) within 60 days of signing up.

Our system creates a unique referral code that you can send by email or social network invite that lets us know who invited each member into Goji. If your invited guests sign up at any time within 60 days as a Pro or ProPlus user, you will receive between 25% to 35% revenue share on each user!

Commissions accumulate and are paid out by Paypal on a monthly basis when they reach $50 or more.

25% Share

When you have under 250 paid users signed up from your referral links.

30% Share

Between 250 and 1000 paid users signed up from your referral links.

35% Share

More than 1000 paid users signed up from your referral links.

INSTRUCTIONS: Once you sign up and confirm your email on, you will be guided to set up your profile. After this you need to navigate to Ambassodors menu item on left side menu and sign up here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What is Goji Network?

Goji Network is a holistic health community that includes Goji.Live, a new private, secure and uncensored social network for people interested in health and wellness, and , a holistic health news site. Our mission is to help protect knowledge about and access to natural, holistic, integrative, complementary and alternative medicine.

How much income can I earn as an Affiliate?

This depends on many factors. How many people you share with, and what percentage of those people join as paid users (and remain) and what percentage join as Pro vs ProPlus. The more you bring into Goji, the more you earn. 

Tier 1: 25% up to the first 250 paid users. 
Tier 2: 30% between 251 and 500 paid users. 
Tier 3: 25% over 500 paid users. 

For example, if you send out to 7,500 on your mailing list and convert 3.3% (an industry standard for social networks according to Mail Chimp) and 90% of paid users are Pro (10% ProPlus), you will earn $700 per month for two years. 

If you send out to 15,000 members on your list, under the same conditions, you’d bump up to the 30% Tier and earn $1670/month. 

If you had a large list of 30,000, with the same results, you’d earn $3,900 per month. 

Even if you dont’ have a mailing list, by friends sharing on social media, you might reach many thousands of people. 

Can I also earn income from those who come in from people that my invitees refer?

No, this is a direct referral rewards program.

How often will I be paid?

You will be paid on a monthly basis. The first payout will be Nov 7 for the October month, December 7 for November month and so on.

We will only pay once a minimum of $50USD has been earned on account. The rewards will continue to accumulate until the $250USD level is reached (they are never lost), after which time the amount will be paid at the next monthly payout date.

Who can join as an Affiliate to earn income?

Any Goji.Live member is eligible to earn through our Goji Health Ambassador Program.

How does it work? has an Invite feature which allows you to generate referally codes that are unique to you, and share them by email, newsletter links, or other social media sites. When your peeps click on these and join Goji.Live they are tagged to you. Then if they join as paid at some point in the future (Pro or ProPlus) you earn an affilaite commission for the first two years of their membership. 

How can I track who has joined.

Our system at provides full transparency of friends and followers that you have invited, as well as commissions earned.

How will I be paid?

Currently, we will pay you via Paypal to the email that you signed up with. If this is not possible, and other solutions exist in your country, please let us know and we will look into this.

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