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Please submit the following form to apply as a health expert or influencer on Goji Network, and Successful applicatants will gain 3 months free GojiPRO++ account, which includes many cool features not available to regular users. Goji staff will work with you directly to help curate and promote your content across the Goji Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Goji Network?

Goji Network is a holistic health community that includes Goji.Live, a new private, secure and uncensored social network for people interested in health and wellness, and , a holistic health news site. Our mission is to help protect knowledge about and access to natural, holistic, integrative, complementary and alternative medicine.

Is it free to join?

Yes, Goji is free to join; however, users may upgrade for paid premium features.

Who is behind Goji Network?
Goji Network is being developed by a dedicated team of people with deep roots in the holistic wellness industry. Due to the suppression and attack on health and wellness by big pharma, we prefer to keep our names out of the limelight, and let our members and health experts speak for themselves.
Why do we need Goji Network?

There is growing censorship, de-platforming and de-monitization of experts and information on holistic, integrative and complementary medicine. and provides a safe, private and uncensored social network for sharing such information, so that people can take back their health from big pharma and big tech.

Who can join Goji.Live as a user?

Anyone can join who follows our community guidelines which ensures a safe environment where holistic, complementary and integrative health and medical knowledge and perspectives can be shared openly.

Who can join as a curated Health Expert?

While anyone is free to contribute holistic health and wellness posts on the network, Goji Network has selected who we believe are the most knowledgable doctors, health professionals and influencers in the holistic, integrative and complementary health fields for additional emphasis to our network. If you would like to be included in our list of curated experts, please apply here.

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