The First Social Network Dedicated to Health

Exclusively for Health

Goji Network is the first social network built exclusively for the health and wellness community. 


You are free to speak your mind about holistic health without fear of being censored or deplatformed.

Private & Open Source

We are committed to our members privacy, with private profiles, groups,  encrypted chat and open source code.

Take Back Your Health Freedom!

Goji Network is launching Goji.Live to create a safe, private, and supportive environment for the holistic and integrative health community to share expertise, personal experiences, tips, tools, services and products that are becoming absolutely essential in the covid environment. Watch this video about Our Mission.

Goji.Live is our free, secure portal for the wellness community, a place to learn, gather, talk health, and organize.

Holistic health doctors, health professionals, researchers and influencers are increasingly being censored and deplatformed by the big social networks. We value diversity over monopoly on health knowledge, encourage open dialogue and an evidence-based approach to health solutions.

We offer access to life-saving health tips and tools and empower practitioners and health seekers. 

Designed for Privacy and Security

Goji.Live has launched a full-featured social network platform. These are some of our top features.

Media Features

  • Upload videos!
  • Up to 5GB per file!
  • No total size limits!
  • Youtube backup!!
  • Add a thumbnail

Private Posting

  • Member only site
  • Private Profiles
  • Private Posts
  • Private Groups
  • Extinguishing Posts

Encrypted Chat

  • Open source
  • Full encryption (E2E)
  • Encrypted files
  • Off the record (OTR)
  • Switzerland based

Encrypted Meet

  • Open source code
  • Full encryption (E2E)
  • Recording feature
  • Stream to Youtube
  • Switzerland based

Curated and Original Content from Trusted Experts

Stay up to date on the latest in health & wellness from our list of distinguished medical and naturopathic doctors, health practitioners and coaches, health advocacy organizations and healthy lifestyle influencers. Here are some:

Zach Bush, MD
Human Genomics, Immunity, Gut Health
Sara Gottfried, MD
Biotoxins, Hormonal Health, Longevity
Mark Sircus
Natural Allopathic
Medicine and Oncology
Wendy Myers, FDN
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Sherry Tenpenny, DO
Vaccine Safety
Christiane Northrup, MD
Mind-Body Connection
Joel Kahn, MD
Heart Health, Plant-Based Nutrition
 Tieraona Low Dog, MD
Herbology, Ancestral Wisdom
Peter Attia, MD
Nutritional Biochemistry, Exercise Physiology
Michael Greger, MD
Nutrition & Supplements
Ari Whitten Ph.D
Kinesiology, Energy Enhancement
Magda Havas, Ph.D
EMF Pollution & Safety
Michael Murray, ND
Nutrition, Immunity
Pam Popper, ND
Health Freedom Advocacy
Jeffrey Smith
Non-GMO Advocacy
David Wolfe
Superfoods and Health Optimization Expert
Robyn Openshaw
“Green Smoothie Girl”, Natural Health Freedom Advocate
Chris Wark
Cancer Survivor, Holistic Lifestyle Advocate
Lauren Roxburgh
“The Body Whisperer”, Exercise Physiology Expert
  • Join a supportive health and wellness community!
  • Encrypted Chat!
  • Join Health Groups
  • Post images and videos
  • Curated Expert Content
  • Ambassador Rewards
  • Create your own Groups
  • Higher 500MB video upload
  • Schedule Posts
  • Rich text post editor
  • Verified status badge
  • Hide Promoted Posts
  • Pro User Badge
  • Bookmark Posts
  • Timed Extinguishing Posts
  • Phone Support
  • Top of Who to Follow
  • Groups are Featured
  • 2 included Post Boosts
  • Become a power user and unlock cool new features!
  • Encrypted Chat!
  • Join Health Groups
  • Post images and videos
  • Ambassador Rewards
  • Curated Expert Content
  • Create your own Groups
  • 500MB per video upload
  • Schedule Posts
  • Rich text post editor
  • Verified status badge
  • Hide Promoted Posts
  • Pro User Badge
  • Bookmark Posts
  • Timed Extinguishing Posts
  • Youtube Backups 500MB/each
  • Phone Support
  • Top of Who to Follow
  • Groups are Featured
  • 2 Included Post Boosts
Goji ProPlus
  • Expand your audience and influence!
  • Encrypted Chat!
  • Join Health Groups
  • Ambassador Rewards
  • Post images and videos
  • Curated Expert Content
  • Create your own Groups
  • 5GB per video upload
  • Schedule Posts
  • Rich text post editor
  • Verified status badge
  • Hide Promoted Posts
  • Pro User Badge
  • Bookmark Posts
  • Timed Extinguishing Posts
  • Youtube Backups 5GB/each
  • Phone Support
  • Top of Who to Follow
  • Groups are Featured
  • 2 Boost Posts included

Apply To Be  a Featured Expert

Goji is bringing together the most knowledgeable wellness leaders to help grow a sustainable holistic health movement.

Expand your Influence

Goji.live offers experts:

  • Dedicated Expert Feed

  • Users can follow Top Experts when they join.

  • Sidebar widget encourates users to follow Top Experts.

Private and Public Groups

Create unlimited private and public groups in Goji.live.

Content Boosting for Public Groups available on sign up and throughout the site.

Goji.Live Ambassadors Program

Share in the revenue when anyone in your network joins as a paid user

Growing a community takes community effort. Our boosters and promoters share in the value created by their efforts. With other platforms, you are making the owners and investors wealthy, while with Goji everyone gets to enjoy a fair share of the revenue!

Align your income and values by helping to build a safe and censorship free space for holistic health practitioners and seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What is Goji Network?
Goji Network is a holistic health community that includes Goji.Live, a new private, secure and uncensored social network for people interested in health and wellness, and Goji.news , a holistic health news site. Our mission is to help protect knowledge about and access to natural, holistic, integrative, complementary and alternative medicine.
Is it free to join?
Yes, Goji is free to join; however, users may upgrade for paid premium features.
Who is behind Goji Network?
Goji Network is being developed by a dedicated team of people with deep roots in the holistic wellness industry. Due to the suppression and attack on health and wellness by big pharma, we prefer to keep our names out of the limelight, and let our members and health experts speak for themselves.
Why do we need Goji Network?
There is growing censorship, de-platforming and de-monitization of experts and information on holistic, integrative and complementary medicine. Goji.live and Goji.news provides a safe, private and uncensored social network for sharing such information, so that people can take back their health from big pharma and big tech.
Who can join Goji.Live as a user?
Anyone can join Goji.live who follows our community guidelines which ensures a safe environment where holistic, complementary and integrative health and medical knowledge and perspectives can be shared openly.
Who can join as a curated Health Expert?
While anyone is free to contribute holistic health and wellness posts on the network, Goji Network has selected who we believe are the most knowledgable doctors, health professionals and influencers in the holistic, integrative and complementary health fields for additional emphasis to our network. If you would like to be included in our list of curated experts, please apply here.

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